To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes.” 
Akira Kurosawa
From the time I first began using a camera, I began to see the world differently. That experience of discovery, the opportunity to communicate visually, and the myriad possibilities of artistic expression are why I make what I make.
In all my work - collage and photography - I seek to create something revelatory, and to blur the lines between the mediums of painting, drawing, photography, collage and sculpture. I am keenly interested in the interplay of words, ideas and visual imagery.

My photographic images typically focus on a particular detail or moment to extract the essence of the subject or to capture something extraordinary in the ordinary.

Among the elements in my collages are found objects, pieces of my own photographs, text, markings made with my own hand, and the detritus of daily life, much of which suggests a nostalgic hint of the past. The work often invites the viewer to consider the physical object, its representation, and its conceptual significance. Certain components - negative space, black pigment, torn edges, broken pieces, for example - appear both for their formal qualities and as visual expressions of personal experience and the human condition. 

My process involves layering, the juxtaposition of contrasting materials, and the extension beyond the boundaries of the mat or the collaging of the mat itself.

Drawing inspiration from the art and culture of locations around the  globe, my work is influenced by the Arte Povera movement, Cubism and Minimalism.

All a consequence of never averting my eyes.
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