Inspired by the volumes housed in the library of the American Academy in Rome, this work contemplates the transmission of the world's cumulative knowledge and history over centuries, the tactile quality and visual impact of books as artifacts, the significance of having a voice, and the evils of censorship.

As book bans and restrictions are now on the rise across this country, and an evolving censorship movement mounts, this installation takes on even greater resonance.



photographs taken by artist, including photograph of writings preserved at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, vintage correspondence cards and writings, redacted pages of text, printer’s blocks, leather book pages, covers and spines, pencils, metal clips, metal key, matches and matchbooks, string, envelopes, burlap mesh, ribbon, ink cartridge box, vintage postage stamps, vintage measuring tape, corrugated paper, ink

22 x 88" (55.88 x 223.52 cm)